Reluctant Heat

A Shifter Novel (11)

by Jaden Sinclair

One kiss changed everything...

Fox Laswell has always thought of Lindsey Kimberlin as a sister, but after he kisses her one night that thought quickly flies right out the door. Now he sees a woman before him—a woman that he wants and needs. He always thought he would mate to another shifter, yet Mother Nature it seems have other plans for him.

Lindsey never thought her life would take the turn it did. With her father gone, someone harassing her, and always short of money, that kiss changed more than just a friendship, it changed her life.

The fairy tale of a shifter was no more. Standing before her is a man she's known most of her life. Mated and not sure where she stands in this new life, she has more to deal with than just being mated to a friend when her harasser refuses to let her go.


Chapter One


Fox Laswell walked with his two older brothers to the beach party on the far end of Cape Cod. It was the first party of the year, one to celebrate the beginning of summer. And for him it was the start to adulthood and hopefully the hunt for a mate.

His father, Adrian Laswell, wanted all three of his boys to wait until after their schooling, or until their twenty-first birthday before they hunted. Fox went further than that. He finished college and now, at twenty-three, was very much still single, which he liked. There was no hurry for him to mate because he still enjoyed the single life so much.

“Damn, look at all those fine young things!” Ash Laswell stated then jammed a fist in his mouth as he gawked at all the girls. “How the hell could I have missed so many?”

“How could you miss any?” Fox asked. “You work at the damn club.”

“And I don’t see these babes there, either,” Ash winked back.

Alex glared at Ash. Ash was the second born, and there were only two years between the two of them, and three with Alex. In fact, all but their baby sister, Lyssa, were two or three years apart.

All the Laswell children had the blond hair and blue eyes of their father at birth, but the boys started to darken with age. Adrian called it a curse, no matter what color the boys’ hair was, since the boys were heart breakers waiting to happen, and the girls needed to be guarded twenty-four-seven. There were five of them and each one a handful, especially the boys their mother, Skyler Draeger Laswell kept saying.

Ash was also the player. He stood with Alex at six foot three, and like Alex kept his hair long and messy looking. They both worked out together so their bodies were the best. Their strong arms, wide shoulders, and chests, with a hard array of muscles, showed through their shirts. It was strange also, because being one year apart they almost passed for twins. And that did run in the family.

Ash was also unmated, but he wasn’t a monk where girls were concerned. Too many times Alex or Fox had to bail his ass out of something, or cover it up before their mother found out. Unfortunately, for the most part, she always managed to find out.

“I don’t think you would be able to settle on one girl right now if you had to,” Fox chuckled. “You’re still too busy spreading the love.”

Fox felt like he was the one always out of place around his brothers. He was only six foot even. He also kept his hair very different from his brothers. He had the messy look going on, but his hair wasn’t as long as the other two, keeping it above his shirt collar all the time. But he was built like them and when the three were together there was no mistaking them for brothers.

Ash flipped Fox off and Alex made a humph sound.

“Oh shit,” Fox gasped, then groaned, “Not good.”

“What now?” Ash asked.

"Reluctant Heat" - Jaden Sinclair


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