Bobbi Groover

                                 Bobbi Groover

Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, her family moved to a remote rural farmhouse with an in-ground spring and a twenty-two person party line telephone. Wandering through fields of corn, hanging in the branches of an apple orchard, milking cows, churning butter, driving tractors, haying fields, and shattering nineteen out of twenty clay pigeons with a .410 shotgun provided the fodder for the imagination and numerous scenarios that enrich the scenes of her stories.

Following an education at an East coast boarding school, Ms. Groover graduated with a B.A. in psychology and English and secured her M.S. from the University of Pennsylvania, all of which help her reside in the heads of her characters. With drawers full of stories, both finished and "cooking" she has been writing as long as she can remember. She has been published in numerous papers and periodicals, grounding her in the real world, while researching and wandering through the nineteenth century to create the complex individuals who inhabit the worlds of her romances.

As a third generation equestrian, Ms. Groover rides, trains and hunts her three beloved horses. The personalities and antics of her equines are woven into the storylines. These querulous, four-legged rapscallions offer a unique flavor as they wring emotions from the characters and readers alike.

At home, Ms. Groover shares her life with her husband, two boys and a menagerie of animals. Dividing her time between the stable and the studio, she spends her days doing what she loves best—writing and riding!


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