Thomas W. Peltier

Thomas W. Peltier

Ever wanted to experience the thrill of danger from the comfort of your own reading space?

Thomas fuels his writing with true life experience – from being chased by frenzied sharks, to being bitten by eighteen-foot pythons, and having survived more than a few near-death experiences. He lives for adventure and spends his free time studying wildlife, reading, writing and pushing himself to extremes whether it’s scuba-diving, free-diving, shark-diving, spearfishing, capturing feral species in the Everglades, fossil hunting in the alligator infested waters of Florida and more.

Thomas has a true love for the natural world and has studied wildlife biology and natural sciences.

His writing influences are the likes of Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Dean Koontz, James Rollins, Clive Cussler, J.R.R Tolkien and more. Action, adventure and horror are his genre favorites. In his writing you will find swashbuckling thrills, chills, adventure, horror, war, werewolves, historical fiction, Nazis, serial killers, paranormal, wildlife, conservation, twists and unexpected turns, and there is often a hero among the rubble - standing up to the various injustices of humanity. 

Thomas understands writing can be mundane at times, but he yearns for the build up to the vivid action and gratuitous horror sequences, and the ability to convey a greater message to mankind. True life experience is key to the climactic intensity of his writing.



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