Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley
& Wayne J. Keeley

Stephanie is an award-winning writer, director, and producer as well as a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, editor, and blogger. With a Master of Arts in counseling psychology, she currently also is a professor of psychology at two Connecticut colleges. Psychology and the human condition underscore all of her creative endeavors.

Wayne is a four-time Emmy-nominated, two-time winning writer and producer, as well as a novelist, filmmaker, playwright, screenwriter, blogger, and theatre producer/director who has worked with countless industry greats. He also is author of the legal thriller Mahogany Row. He currently works as a media attorney in NYC and is a part-time professor of communications at a Connecticut college.

Together the married duo (who are parents to a blended brood of seven children, two dogs, and three ferrets) pen “he-said/she-said” reviews for theatre, film, books, and other entertainment media on their website, Pillow Talking, where they also conduct celebrity and artist interviews.

Moreover, Stephanie and Wayne have combined their talents on myriad projects for film, theatre, and TV which are in various stages of development. In addition to Triptych: All In, as a literary writing team, they recently published an eBook on Amazon, the first of a four-part series titled Deadraiser: Horror on Jordan’s Bank.

Connect with them:

Twitter: @someday_talking


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