A Hole in the Universe

by JH Wear

Nellie Writson was proud of her Martian heritage, able to follow her family tree to the first settlers of Mars at the beginning of the terra forming. She was head of the government geology department, enjoying doing field work as they searched for fossil remains of Martian life. When her team discovered alien stone columns, it set off a wave of excitement. But a bigger surprise was yet to come.

Jaret McLeod, as a captain of a spaceship, was used to danger and thinking under pressure. He was aware of Unidentified Space Objects (USOs) that appeared to break the speed of light and of a recent discovery Meili, a new planet orbiting beyond Pluto. When he visited Red City on Mars during a stopover, he was introduced to Neelie. He didn’t know at the time that Meili, USOs, Neelie and his stop over on Mars would be part of the greatest achievement of human beings.


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"A Hole in the Universe" by J. H. Wear


Summer 2020


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