Fate of the Gods

by Jaden Sinclair

War affects us all. Some hold the memories of the past close to their hearts. The past has made Amelia the woman she is now. Second born daughter, she doesn't see herself as anything special, and on her sixteenth birthday she discovers just how special she isn't. However, one person reminds her she is just as special as anyone else.

Drakon Anthony didn't expect to get the wind knocked out of him by the young princess of Egypt or that a few years later she would bring him to his knees. One look at the beauty she has become and the battle within him to take her begins. He wants her, and she wants him, but politics within the kingdom might make wanting and having somewhat difficult, but will it make it impossible?


9092 Egypt


Fire blazed through the town, women screamed, children cried and men ran everywhere. Some of the men were soldiers from the great house of Egypt and others were from the raid that was taking place now.


The smell of flesh burning and blood being spilled hung heavily in the air and in the middle of it all sat one little girl crying over the fallen bodies of her parents. The King and Queen of Egypt lay in their own blood, lifeless eyes looking up at a dirty, teary-faced girl.


She watched helplessly as more of her parents’ people fell to their death. The sight of black leather boots walking at a slow pace towards her made the little girl look up. A boy in his teens looked down at her with a sinister smile. In his hand he held a bloody sword—the blood dripping down on her dead parents.


“My, ain’t you a pretty one,” he said, slowly kneeling down in front of her. He reached out and touched her with a blood-smeared hand, causing her to back away. “What a sweet toy you’ll make.”

* * * *

Fifteen-year old Amelia of Egypt sat up in her bed with a scream on the tip of her tongue. Sweat beaded her forehead and her breathing seemed to come in short gasps. “Just a dream,” she told herself as she pulled the tangled sheets from her legs, “Only a dream.” Yet it was the same dream each year; the nightmare from the night her parents were killed and she had almost been taken.


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