Geoff Nordass

Geoff Nordass is a former Royal Marine, who spent 18 years service from 1978-1996. In which time he spent countless years on arctic amphibious training, was on active duty in Northern Ireland and was awarded a mention in dispatches in the Falklands conflict.

On leaving the Marines, he specialised in close protection and worked for a famous prominent businessman in London.

He soon moved on and became a safety/Security officer for Royal Caribbean cruises on some of their largest ships. After six years of investigations, anti-drug smuggling, a suspected homicide and countless drug interdictions, he again moved on to armed security in the reconstruction of Iraq for prominent British security contract companies. This he did for 5 years.

For the last 6 and a half years, he has been on counter piracy patrols and instrumental in the protection of large private shipping companies for their tankers, carriers and container ships.

He has written an autobiography called “Commando, a Royal Marines story” and his second book is a novel called ‘The Gate that Cried Blood’ about murder on the high seas in dispersed with an anti piracy company and its former Royal Marine contractors. Geoff Nordass




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The Gate That Cried Blood