Dennis K. Hausker

Dennis K. Hausker Dennis Hausker is retired from a career as a medical insurance specialist for an insurance company. Post retirement he works part time as a financial consultant and he is the finance chair person at his church. He has been married since 1968. He and his wife met at Michigan State University from which they graduated in 1969. She is a retired teacher who volunteers helping adult's with learning impairments. Dennis is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He served at Long Binh as a finance clerk paying field combat units. He loves to write with his preferred genre being Epic Fantasy, although he has the goal to also write books in other genre's. He is very grateful for the business partnership he has established with Melange Books in terms of their professional support services and encouraging friendly atmosphere. His hope is his stories will be captivating, unique, and compelling for the reader.






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"Kragan"- Dennis K. Hausker Dadaleon

The Faenum Quest Series

"Mortus" by Dennis K. Hausker "The Gathering Storm" by Dennis K. Hausker "The Faenum War" by Dennis K. Hausker

The Shattered World Saga

"Villager" by Dennis K. Hausker "Rebel" by Dennis K. Hausker "Savior" by Dennis K. Hausker

Single Author Anthologyes

"Stirring Sagas" by Dennis K. Hausker "Tales of the Heart" by Dennis K. Hausker