C. A. Lootens

C.A. Lootens is a creative fiction author, public health professional, and aspiring editor. The Gridshadowers is Looten's first novel. In addition to this book, she’s had three magazine and newspaper publications. She’s also completed a second novel titled, Why Dogs don’t Stargaze, a children’s book, a memoir, and a book of poetry called, Sloppy Mortal Soup (all currently unpublished). Her interests, which span the universe, include back-country camping, yoga (teaching and practicing), cats, historic cemeteries, quantum physics (abridged, for the right-brain heavy), and parentheticals (clearly). Lootens has a background in health science and psychology, holds a master’s degree in public health (MPH), and is a certified as a Community Health Education Specialist (CHES-NCHEC). Currently, she’s fleshing out her new novel, a literary fantasy called, The Dream Dabbler. While growing up in the upper Midwest, near Chicago, the Rocky Mountains had put quite a spell on her. Therefore, she’s made beautiful Colorado her home since 2015. Visit her website at:

Website: octoberquillsbooks.wordpress.com


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The Gridshadowers by C. A. Lootens