Brandon Smalls

Brandon Smalls Brandon Smalls has loved telling stories since before he had the words to tell them. At four, he recited fairy tales. At five, he created picture books. At ten, he wrote his first novel and imagined the fantastic climes of Mythopia for the first time. By the time he finished high school at sixteen, he’d already completed another novel and expanded the world of Mythopia even further.

In the years since, Brandon has discovered countless mediums for his storytelling, ranging from acting on the stage and the screen to writing and directing films. He has the found the most creative freedom, however, while writing his novels. An Infidelitous Earth marks the first look into a world that burgeoned into being faster than he could learn the words to describe it.

A native of LaGrange, Georgia and a graduate of Davidson College, Brandon currently lives in New York City where he acts, directs, and writes.

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