Bedtime Shadows

by Tara Fox Hall, Jenny Twist

The Man With No Face – Jenny Twist
All her life Deborah has been haunted by the memory of a couple locked in a deadly embrace. She thinks the woman may be the mother that abandoned her, but she cannot see the man's face. Who is he?

All That Remains – Tara Fox Hall
This thrilling sequel to The Origin of Fear (Spellbound 2011) takes us back to Latham's Landing. Will Tina and Sandra survive their encounter with the ghosts that inhabit the haunted isle?

The Children of Hope – Jenny Twist
It is 1963, and Ginny is unmarried and pregnant. Her parents consign her to one of the infamous Mother and Baby Homes which are little more than prisons and workhouses. Will she be able to escape before they come to take her baby away?

The Bull-Dancer – Jenny Twist
The twelve chosen bull-dancers are sailing out of the harbour under a black sail, bound for Crete and the deadly Minotaur, while a mother looks on in anger.

Take the Chance – Tara Fox Hall
A young girl growing up in post-apocalyptic America is determined that she and her sister will survive–whatever it takes!

A Victorian Dolls' House – Jenny Twist
When Violet sees the dolls' house in the antique shop she has to have it. But the Delacorte House is no ordinary dolls' house–and it is definitely not a toy!

Heart's Bells – Tara Fox Hall
Theo and Casey are in love, but so many things stand in their way. They suffer separation and heartbreak but still remain true–until something happens to Theo that changes everything.

Doppelganger – Jenny Twist
When Christine wakes up in a sumptuous white room with silken hangings, she assumes she is in heaven. But she soon finds out she is not. And before too long she begins to wonder if she is even still Christine.

Voices – Jenny Twist
Olivia and Aidan are telepathic twins. Olivia is used to hearing Aidan in her head, but she is terrified when she hears a new and sinister voice.

Return to Me – Tara Fox Hall
Determined to find the source of the nightly creaking she alone can hear, Sam Reading discovers Harrison Benning, a ghost who becomes corporeal for one night of the year, on the summer solstice. Their warm friendship soon becomes powerful love that lasts through decades, tragedies and even beyond death.

Catch Me If You Can – Jenny Twist
Willy prowls the streets at night, listening to all the sounds of the old town. But does he have a more sinister purpose?

Shades of Grey – Tara Fox Hall
Throughout history there has always been a Seer making sure that the world follows its proper course, keeping the world in balance. Yet when the old Seer prepares to hand over the burden to his apprentice Tim, he realizes too late that Tim has his own ideas of how things should go.



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